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Covid-19 is a new infectious viral illness. The first one appeared in Wuhan, and within two months, it became a pandemic. Medical diagnosis is confirmed by fever, cough, shortness of breath, combined with neutrophil ratio lymphocyte analysis and chest x-ray or chest ­C.T. radiology imaging, with a ground-glass appearance. C.T. scans are not widely available in hospitals in Indonesia. Many hospitals only own x-ray for covid-19 as radiologic diagnostic imaging. With digital imaging capabilities, Due to the similarity of applications such as the radiological workstation, Adobe Photoshop Express will improve the capacity to diagnose Covid-19 from a chest x-ray. Adobe Photoshop Express has outstanding digital processing capabilities to enhance the presentation of images so that the efficiency of diagnosing plain x-ray thorax image cases with Covid-19 becomes easier and more manageable.

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Jamil, A. M., Putra, M. A., & Anas, M. (2021). Adobe Photoshop Express Application Enhances the Diagnosis of X-Ray Thorax of Covid-19 Patient. Indonesian Journal of Medical Sciences and Public Health , 1(2), 54-61.


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